Ready for testing: Lootable item contents saving (Updated 2012-12-14)

Update (2012-12-14): PR has been submitted. Please follow the link to the issue below and test it! Also, read my comments in the issue thread for tests I’ve already done and their results.

Tired of losing your items when you open a Watertight Trunk or Tightly Sealed Trunk and close it without looting? Well start hording those treasure boxes, I will be publishing a patch soon to fix this problem.

The bug report was opened about a year ago and up until recently hasn’t had much activity. In fact, I’ve been talking to myself in the thread for the past few days /emoticons/default_smile.png

I’m posting this notice here because it will need testing (lots of testing) because it deals with saving and deleting inventory / loot related data and we want to make sure it behaves.

Please keep an eye on the bug report for the PR and test it. Post issues or concerns in the bug report, not here.


Almost ready. Check out my test results in the bug report thread:

Good news, preliminary patch is complete. I just need to apply it to an up-to-date core and remove dead code. I should be pushing a public PR for testing sometime tomorrow (Friday).

Here is what I tested and the results so far:


Watertight Trunk [21113]
Bulging Sack of Gems [25422]
Fat Sack of Coins [11937]