Ref. cleanups in the core code and variable naming etc

There’s been a good few complaints and snide remarks regarding the latest changes in the core codebase, and I have to urge you all to remember that we’re cleaning up 4-5 year old code that has not been touched in QUITE some time, so you’ll see a LOT of stuff going on in the near future.

Now, to the fact :

We have codestandards, we have code that doesn’t follow it, we need to clean it up so it follows it and is easier to work with in the future. If you (or anyone else) think that we change codestyle/standards every 3-4 commits just to piss you off, you’re sorely mistaken; our codestyle guideline has been active for three years, but we’ve never had time to fully go over every single script and file untill now. So sure, if you want to complain, feel free to do so, but I really want to see the complaints from people actually CONTRIBUTING DIRECTLY to the project with code and info.

For those that thinks TL;DR: Go read this : http://www.trinityco…ping-standards/

People have to understand that when doing Code standar cleaning it means that the following works afterward can be made more easily, with less errors and be shared faster between devs. For me, seeing the big clean up the devs are doing translate to bigger code, better code, faster changes.

Keep it up because this is awesome really.

Quoted for truth, keep up the good work devs. Some of us appreciate it anyway /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

Yeah change can be scary, but I think that once they get it all sorted out and changed to the standards that TC has been trying to use and keep, it will be better for everyone, not just the Devs.

Thank you Click for that link, myself I had not seen it yet. It should be read by everyone just to have an idea of what is correct and what is not.

If your trying to make fixes the standards should be known by anyone that is trying.

Better to do it once and for all, than in big intervalls so we can prepare us to do one big merging-work. but if it happens every week in parts it would be really annoying.

@Bizzy: We do not CARE if a silly private moneygrabbing server needs to merge - either stick to core as it is and contribute, or SHUT THE FUCK UP.

If you are NOT contributing to the well being of TrinityCore, be advised that we do things OUR way, not YOUR way. YOU having to merge OUR work is YOUR problem!

And that rather points out the entire PROBLEM with the people that complains : they are in 90% of the time self-egocentric fucktards and wannabes that are not willing or interested to work on TrinityCore in a proper manner, but prefer “hackpatching” their way around coreside issues.

So again:


We’ve got enough stuff to do than to accomodate your hackabout-servers.

To those of you that DO contribute: THANKS!

NOTE: The views expressed here are solely mine and does not necessarily represent that of the TrinityCore devteam and contributors.

It does represent mine, as pretty much anyone on these boards for any amount of time can attest to. /emoticons/default_smile.png

[…]YOU having to merge OUR work is YOUR problem!


True words, click.

Doing that mass of changes will consume a lot of time. Better to let developers their decision of solving it.

Do what you need to do guys, let the qq-ers qq-ing and do it your way, since thats the correct way.

you got my blessing…