[REJECTED][Bug + Fix] Quest Chain The Ring of Blood[REJECTED]

The problem with this quest is that no quests had the objective data at all…

I know that it also need a SAI script for last part…where mogros comes down and become unfriendly.

he should stay normaly near the quest givers

[CODE]-- Quest Chain ~ The Ring of Blood: Brokentoe

UPDATE quest_template SET ReqCreatureOrGOId1=18398 AND ReqCreatureOrGOCount1=1 WHERE entry=9962;

– Quest Chain ~ The Ring of Blood: The Blue Brothers

UPDATE quest_template SET ReqCreatureOrGOId1=18399, ReqCreatureOrGOId2=18399, ReqCreatureOrGOCount1=1, ReqCreatureOrGOCount2=1 WHERE entry=9967;

– Quest Chain ~ The Ring of Blood: Rokdar the Sundered Lord

UPDATE quest_template SET ReqCreatureOrGOId1=18400 AND ReqCreatureOrGOCount1=1 WHERE entry=9970;

– Quest Chain ~ The Ring of Blood: Skra’gath

UPDATE quest_template SET ReqCreatureOrGOId1=18401 AND ReqCreatureOrGOCount1=1 WHERE entry=9972;

– Quest Chain ~ The Ring of Blood: The Warmaul Champion

UPDATE quest_template SET ReqCreatureOrGOId1=18402 AND ReqCreatureOrGOCount1=1 WHERE entry=9973;

– Quest Chain ~ The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge

UPDATE quest_template SET ReqCreatureOrGOId1=18069 AND ReqCreatureOrGOCount1=1 WHERE entry=9977;[/CODE]

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Hack http://www.trinitycore.org/f/index.php?/topic/58-wdb-fields/

Answering this topic and your other two fixes:

Do not ever modify this fields: http://www.trinitycore.org/f/index.php?/topic/58-wdb-fields/

Those fields are not wrong.

Thanks for trying though /emoticons/default_smile.png