There are 2 unselectable and unattackable mobs that makes endless combat bug.

so I have modified unit_flag so Forge of Souls is now flawless to raid.

Un-attackable and un-targetable objects were

  1. Well of Souls at boss Devourer of Souls

2*) Spiteful Apparition (Ambient) at the middle of the map way before the Devourer of Souls which is different from Spiteful Apparition

*I’m not sure but I guess it is came from the Boss’s(Devourer of Souls) spell but there is a Spiteful Apparition (Ambient) in the middle of the map. should be deleted or it is unit_flag bug. so I’m not deleting it just in case.

-Suggested Fixes-

Spiteful Apparition (Ambient)

REPLACE INTO `creature_template` (`entry`, `unit_flags`) VALUES (36967, 0);

Well of Souls

REPLACE INTO `creature_template` (`entry`, `unit_flags`) VALUES (36536, 0);