[REJECTED][Quest] That Which Creates Can Also Destroy[REJECTED]

In this quest, you are provided with: Seeds of Nature’s Wrath to use on some mobs.

The problem is that spell that cast that item (49587) does NOT generate threat.

Specially, you can’t kill Reanimated Frost Wyrm.

I’ve tried:

INSERT INTO spell_threat(entry,Threat) VALUES(49587,770)

Restarted server, but it has no effect, so if you don’t have range attacks you can’t kill it and thus, can’t complete quest.

Any help for a newbe like me wanting to do something?

  1. I think that fix is a bit hacky, i don’t think that the developers will consider it a proper fix

  2. That spell changes Reanimated Frost Wyrm into Weakened Reanimated Frost Wyrm, so is completley poitless adding threat to that spell, because this is added BEFORE that the npc changes, so the new npc will have still no threat.


Ok, that was only my first impression… then, how to add threat to that newly created NPC?

(And also, the other two for quest, as it happens in retail).

I’ve really no idea… probably core support is needed.

SAI should be able to handle this:


followed by maybe a

SMART_ACTION_THREAT_SINGLE_PCT 13 to set aggro – > (im not sure on this)

And this can’t be handeled only by sql, i’m right?

yes smart scripts are SQL only

cool, i tought they were connected to the core like the old system. i think i’ll study this new system, maybe i’ll be able to use them to make some sql-only custom patch to solve the problem with gluildhouses, bots and other stuff

Ouch, wrong action there bio, the correct action for SAI would be SMART_ACTION_UPDATE_TEMPLATE.

The action that you provided only changed the creature’s model, and not it’s template. Also, threat spells are set as flags in spell.dbc so editing them in DB would be a hack IMO.

this is why i hate SAI /emoticons/default_smile.png i just need to do it a bit more i recon, and a better guide would help

That hurt me!

Nay, Bio is out to lunch.

I second the motion of having a guide for SAI. I admit I know exactly nothing about it /emoticons/default_sad.png And even don’t know how to start (I am not an expert either /emoticons/default_sad.png )

By the way: lunch?? It sounds weird to me since here it is 1:45 am lol! /emoticons/default_smile.png

Any updates on this?

BTW: Is there any help and/or introduction to SAI? I can not understand how it works, and would like to learn.

BTW: http://www.trinitycore.org/f/index.php?/topic/1187-sai-scripting-tutorial/