[REJECTED]Spawn Iron Thane Furyhammer for Quest 12199[REJECTED]

This fix 1 part of quest where u can kill and get the credit for it to finish it

[CODE]-- Iron Thane Furyhammer Flag
UPDATE world . creature_template SET faction_A = ‘14’, faction_H = ‘14’, unit_class = ‘1’ WHERE entry = ‘26405’;

– Iron Thane Furyhammer Spawn
DELETE FROM world . creature WHERE id = ‘26405’;
INSERT INTO world . creature(id, map, spawnMask, phaseMask, modelid, equipment_id, position_x, position_y, position_z,
orientation, spawntimesecs, spawndist, currentwaypoint, curhealth,curmana, DeathState, MovementType, npcflag, unit_flags,dynamicflags)VALUES

( ‘26405’, ‘571’, ‘1’, ‘1’, ‘0’, ‘1419’, ‘3310.49’, ‘-5103.89’, ‘300.462’, ‘4.30646’, ‘300’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘12762’, ‘3561’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0’);

What it doesn’t work… the npc u spawn isn’t doing anything…any help in this?

Credits for this quest goes to Hirndille

Even thou this is horrible sql… i have to ask.


i doubt he is monster. (faction 14?)

Hackfix for sure:

-- Iron Thane Furyhammer Flag
UPDATE `creature_template` SET `faction_A`=14,`faction_H`=14,`unit_class`=1 WHERE `entry`=26405;

Most likely manual spawn for a creature that is most likely summoned

-- Iron Thane Furyhammer Spawn
DELETE FROM `creature` WHERE id =26405;
INSERT INTO `creature`(`id`,`map`,`spawnMask`,`phaseMask`,`modelid`,`equipment_id`,`position_x`,`position_y`,`position_z`,`orientation`,`spawntimesecs`,`spawndist`,`currentwaypoint`,`curhealth`,`curmana`,`DeathState`,`MovementType`,`npcflag`,`unit_flags`,`dynamicflags`) VALUES

I locked the thread, try again when you can follow our standards, and please state your source when spawning creatures