Remove gap where XP bar was

Hello everyone, I’ve made a 3.3.5 server where I want the max character level to be 30. I’ve gotten that set, but the UI is still displaying that it thinks there should be an XP bar. I enabled tracking of a Reputation to make it more clear what I mean.

I’ve tried changing DEFAULT_MAX_LEVEL = 30 and MAX_LEVEL = 30 in DBCEnums.h and recompiled, but that didn’t work.

If you have any ideas please let me know, and thank you for having me here.


Works fine for me…

Did you set MaxPlayerLevel = 30 in your worldserver.conf ?

Yes, MaxPlayerLevel and StartPlayerLevel are both set to 30.

I’m not sure, I don’t see that gap. This seems more of a client issue really.

That’d make sense. So you also have a server where the max level is less than 80 and you don’t have that gap eh?

I just modified my conf on my test server to max level 30, created a new character, maxed him to level 30, added reputation status where the xp bar would go and I dont see the gap. Same goes for characters less than level 30 where they don’t have the reputation status bar. That gap never shows.


Hmm, well I’ll keep digging then. Thanks.

Edit: this was bothering my OCD so I changed the MaxPlayerLevel to 31, turned off all XP gains and made the XP requirement for 30-31 be 999 XP. Much nicer on my eyes. :smiley: