Remove realm name

Hi guys,

I currently seeking to remove the realm name of the chat, because some addon doesn’t work with " playername - realmname " but only work with “playername” . I search it for days in the source code but I can not find it.

I am using last rev 6.X

Thank you for your help.

That is done by the client, so there is nothing to change in the source.


ho ok thank you for your reply. So if I want to remove this I must use an addon no other way ?

core needs to be fixed.

Can I get more details please ? :slight_smile:

I only known core needs to be fixed, idk how to fix it.

Why spend so much time on trying to find workarounds (a.k.a. “removing” realm name) instead of actually focusing on properly fixing the problem at its root (a.k.a. normalizing realm names)?

Some addon as Trp3 uses the chat function (whisper) to send messages to players. Currently it does not work at all because the addon tries to contact the player “playername - realmname” and not just “playername”. I’m not about to make my point :slight_smile:

Try updating your core

Thank you bro, I 'll come back to u soon (y)

Does it work now?

No, addon trp3 didn’t work. Realy strange ! I am still searching an issue and make many tests.