Removing Event AI and Replacing it with Smart AI

i believe that EventAI is slowing people down, its ineffective and should be replaced, is there any planning on removing EventAI completely and replacing it with SmartAI?

i would support that trinitycore removes EventAI for good and continues development of SmartAI, for example, if conditions and more actions should be possible, only 1 action per event trigger is not really adequate.

i will be the first to start converting EventAI to SmartAI scripts, but i have no idea where to begin, since i have never played retail or blizzlike.

No, silly idea! EAI for teh wins!

OMG! No, we need EAI for cumbersome work and slow progress!

Please don’t take my EAI!

Malcrom u went satan, bro?

Actually, if anything, that shit SAI crap needs to be yanked from the core and we need to go back to the far superior EAI.

Not to mention there are several high quality projects out there to do the work for us.

– Brian

Yes, EAI will be nuked from the core

EAI scripts will be converted to SAI scripts.

We are working on it.

ETA: Soon ™

Damnit Nay! You will NOT have the final word on this!

We are ditching SAI and keeping EAI!

– Brian


This is why NO ONE likes you, Br1anfag.

Oh and by the way, the number of "No"s is not over nine thousand.

Don’t be jealous. Don’t be hatin’…


– Brian

i vote for a leader change /emoticons/default_tongue.png

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