Removing the ressing cooldown

Hi there, i want to remove the cooldown when you trying to ress, let’s say you die a lot of times you will get 2 mins to wait until you can accept ressurection.

How to remove the 2 min cooldown for example?

Or … make the battleground ressers work outside battleground


For the cooldown reduction open worldserver.conf and set these values like this:

Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvP = 0

Death.CorpseReclaimDelay.PvE = 0

That way they will always have only the standard 30 second penalty on death, as for making the battleground ressers work outside the bg, that requieres core modifications which i don’t know how to make.

Good luck.

well it still has cooldown :c

oh )))

set maxlevel you server


Description: Starting level for resurrection sickness.

Example: 11 - (Level 1-10 characters will not be affected,

Level 11-19 characters will be affected for 1 minute,

Level 20-MaxPlayerLevel characters will be affected for 10 minutes)

Default: 11 - (Enabled, See Example)

MaxPlayerLevel+1 - (Disabled)

-10 - (Enabled, Level 1+ characters have 10 minute duration)

Death.SicknessLevel = 11

you maxlevel =80 ? set Death.SicknessLevel =81