[REQ] Area spell/item preventing like ARENA

Hello friends

I want to restrict a area to using spells > 10min Cooldown and restrict using potion like arena .

Simple : how to set a area to work as Arena (just restrictions) for example area id 4570 (Dalaran circle of wills)

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no anyone ?

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Anyone ?

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Sorry , Sorry Ascathor for bumping /emoticons/default_smile.png , I think that’s simple & I don’t see it on net or wiki pages .

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Just use the Conditions Table from World Database???

Thanks maddinii2 , I don’t find a good reference on wiki : http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/Conditions+tc2?src=search

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In core, use if else statement

if(InZone() == ZoneID)


The issue is condition or custom code? /emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif

Both works ^^ You can restrict it in conditions Table or via Script. Use the Code above and simply don’t allow item Use, if it’s in the if and allow, if it’s in the else.