{REQ} Battle Ground Grave Yard Protection

Another idea to throw out. and if you can do it I and the community would like to thank you.

The ability to use a GO or Anchored NPC that when it aggro’s to a hostel player of the opposing faction it cast a spell or uses code to knock back or Teleport a player to a XYZ location.

What’s needed to be considered finished.

[li]NPC or GO Object that can aggro to opposing faction depending on side[/li][li]the ability to use XYZ cords OR knock back effect[/li][li]the ability to be disabled via config option.[/li][li]must stay spawned on BG maps at all times. [/li][/ul]

Thanks again /emoticons/default_smile.png

Like the Dalaran guards?

also, why?

Imho better add some time limited invulnerability at resurrection, to avoid graveyard farming.

to avoid graveyard farming in BG’s i know its built in but it pisses people off …


actually thats sorta what i want it to do but to teleport the player to the spawn point but there’s an exploit i just ran into if a player runs to the graveyard with the flag he can telaport it back to his spawn for an easy win what we would need to do is remove the aura of the flag before teleport

i think there is a gameobject like purple bubble that allows you only to get out of that bubble and not get inside so probably it can be spawned on every graveyard

sorta wanna keep the look of nothing there and just have this as an invisible NPC sorta like the sprithealer

So adjust the script? I provided a base already, there’s no need to hesitate from at least trying to code a little bit of it yourself…

Thank you Discover for the push, I’ll try it out and let ya know what i come up with thank you so much for the much needed push, Actually i’m mostly afraid to try and fail and just get obsessed with making it work… but thanks i’ll see what i can do /emoticons/default_smile.png

Didn’t you fix this already, +Jason?

Not quite fixed yet going to release what i got in SAI as soon as i have it working correctly /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

you can even do this with SAI i recon, on aggro: teleport player to xyz

make 1 per faction, make them attackable and done?

Almost done with it, a little testing and making sure and i used Discover’s script as a guide i think i did the sai correctly, will be posting it up with-in a few days. First release i wanna make sure everything works properly /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

Why don’t you give every player an aura on resurrect (like 10 secs or so) and if they get hit by someone while having the aura, the caster is knocked back?

Locking this thread. Opening another one. /emoticons/default_smile.png