{REQ} Cross-Faction Battle Gorund's

We saw a great custom code addon from L30m4nc3r and others but the code was not released. So, here we are, Now if someone can make this for public use we would all with-in the custom code community enjoy its coding.


Cross-Faction Battle Ground

The ability to kill by team not by faction.


We have abit of a headstart : https://github.com/Lillecarl/mangos-tbc/commit/3fbd58ac63b451d4d05f346db04cf4c7155ca30e if anyone can convert it to Trinitycore and keep it maintained.




would be hell of a damn awesome!


I’ve been trying to make cross-faction battlegrounds for some time - cross-faction meaning if there are for example 15 alliance players and 5 horde players in battleground queue, battleground will start and 5 of those alliance players will go to horde side, so basically 1 team would have 10 alliance players and the other would have 5 alliance and 5 horde players.

So far I’ve made everything work (BattlegroundQueue stuff, WorldObject stuff etc.) except setting hostile/friendly state based on whose side (HORDE or ALLIANCE) people are in, meaning for example if there is WSG bg with 10 alliance players (ALLIANCE team) vs 10 alliance players (HORDE team) both teams are friendly - which is bad, all people in ALLIANCE team (raid) should be hostile to all poeple in HORDE team (raid).

I have tried modifying Unit::isHostileTo(…) function to no avail - it seems to me that it only affects creatures, not players.

There has to be some way, because if there are 4 alliance players in skirmish (2v2), those teams are hostile. I have tried to backtrace whole skirmish process from WorldSession::HandleJoinBattlegroundOpcode(…) to BattlegroundMgr::StartBattleground(…) and I couldn’t really find anything that made these teams hostile to eachother.

So, if someone could point what should I modify / where should I look (explanation how skirmishes work with hostility against other team with same faction would be really highly appreciated) I would be really glad.

Thank you for reading this somewhat long help request.

P.S: English isn’t my mother language so I’m sorry if I made any grammar / context mistakes.


Share code, then i will share ideas.

Moving to Custom code.

Still wish someone would take this project on /emoticons/default_smile.png

Same here /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

I had a working Cross Faction, but I don’t know how to apply /emoticons/default_tongue.png

to apply on the forum, post the code in a code tag?? or on paste2.org then post the link…

your choice actually /emoticons/default_smile.png

I’ve seen one server which has this feature long time ago, but forgot.

As off 22 minutes ago (at point of post), this code was taken down under request of Mangos.

we can get the headstart again

I wonder if some1 is working on something like this /emoticons/default_biggrin.png ?

maybe this will help


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s gone.

Link Updated


There should also be a config option for 1vs1 as the minimum team. There are a lot of small servers that don’t have enough players for even 5vs5.

Cool, but to much commits to dig there :confused: idk how to make a patch of that.