{REQ} Cross Faction Check

Now ive been a member of the trinitycore community for abit and I’m still learning to code. BUT i have another idea /emoticons/default_wink.png

Now the idea is to allow cross faction groups to interact and play with each other BUT not allow them in certain encounters based on a list of encounters that are deemed faction specific, this would then send out a chat message that says you are not allowed to enter this encounter with a cross faction group.

Key Points would be

[li]The ability to check group leaders faction and Store it.[/li][li]The ability to check a list from the config or table.[/li][li]The ability to be disabled or enabled via config option. [/li][li]Block summoning of players into faction specific encounters with cross faction groups.[/li][/ul]
If anyone is willing to tackle this project I and the community would truly appreciate it.
With that said if anyone in the community has any other issues that happen when you use cross-faction please let us know thanks.

What kind of encounters?

Such as the Forge of Souls , ICC Raid, things like these witch require a single faction.

I’m not an expert codder, but i see things like these, and maybe can sugest to use the worldconf option to cross faction interaction, and then search the conditionals related to this value on the cpp files, and in these files and other conditions, for example if World.Chat.Interact is true and the map is not XXXXXXXX let the player enter in the instance, like i said, i dont know exactly how to get it, but based in other codes i see i think this will work.

that sounds like a good idea

@Nastrand i hope it will work still need to find someone who can do it /emoticons/default_smile.png

This system would be super useful for things like the Nexus which bugs out if you have horde and alliance in it.