{REQ} Searching for a specific object ID

Can anybody tell me, how i can find the Object ID of this Plattform in Moonglade?


You know, I would like to know this as well.

What I do right now is grab the local x,y coordinates and do a SQL select on the gameobject table for any entries near those coordinates.

This is a map object that does not have any record in our database. There may be a gameobject modelid like this but that’ll be a very painful journey to find. /emoticons/default_smile.png

There is an ingame command for this:

.gobject near X

where X is the distance from you, if not specified, 10 will be used

Pretty sure it’s not a Gobject… You could use Noggit and select it to move it or clone it. etc etc. Not something anyone here will probably help you with though… That’s Client modifications…Try your hand over at Modcraft. The program you’ll need is there, as well as the support for client-side modifications.

This website is really helpful for finding available gameobjects: http://gobs.newow-emu.com/en/search.html

Sorry for my (very) late Reply. I actually thought it was an Gameobject… Well since i dont want to modify the Client, i’ll just leave everything there, thanks anyway!