{REQ} TrinityChat Patch Please :)

Anyone know where i can find a working copy of Trinitychat? Please and thank you /emoticons/default_smile.png

With the help of Aokromes he found a copy of a updated source to TrinityChat called TrinityIrcChat by lordpsyan : Last commit : 9/1/2012

As per Aokromes it requires a small rewrite i’m not too sure since i’m not a coder. if someone can take a look, Please and Thank you /emoticons/default_smile.png 2012_09_01-TrinityIrcChat.patch

I’ve been playing around with it, but i can’t get the build to work, i need someone experienced for that.

Here’s the patch:


Using the old trinitychat patch I copy pasted everything to it’s place manually and then made small changes until it worked (when the bot connects to IRC some warnings related to socket show up on the console but it doesn’t affect anything that i could notice). It’s really cool the stuff you can do with it, i just don’t know how to make a patch of it.

Push your changes to your fork, then go to the commit link and add .patch after the URL.

here updated patch it work. few updated.

fix crash when using command on console

add broadcast of ticket system + lag reporte to the irc.

add $class to the irc massage.

got updated… not look at the db to check if its used or not.


TrinityChat2 12-01-13.patch

trinity_string 6610,6611,6612 are already on use by TC.

Having some issues with this (using the patch previously mentioned with rev f90236) (sorry for necromancing).

/home/wow/dev/source/src/server/game/TriniChat/MCS_OnlinePlayers.cpp:81:127: error: cannot pass objects of non-trivially-copyable type âconst string {aka const class std::basic_string}â through â…â

Line in question:

IRCOut.append(IRCCmd::MakeMsg("%s002%s003017002(%d)002017", ChatTag.c_str(), plr->GetName(), plr->getLevel()));

Resolved this issue. Found the fix via google digging through (irc?) trinitycore chat logs. plr->GetName() needs to be plr->GetName().c_str()

Thanks @subv /emoticons/default_smile.png

EDIT: One more issue…line 431 @ /src/server/scripts/Commands/cs_ticket.cpp contains “AssignedTo” which causes an “undeclared in this scope” error. Needs to be “assignedTo”.

What is Trinity Chat?

ok i will check this … not got this 2 errors but i will check this.

TrinityChat is a built-in IRC Client for the MMO server TrinityCore.

https://gist.github.com/Bezo/25c49cb50f3e96f4922a → full diff update to rev cb99c1d16

Updates 22/02

fix some logout crash.

update irc msg with player name.

update login command with correct info.

removed unused code

update 25/02

fix nix compile error

fix load commands level from db

update 26/02

update mute command due the last changes in the command on core.


as the full code is not my and i only learn from this i will happy to get some feedback on bugs to try fix them.

Bezo.in isn’t working for me

updated to gits

As of right now, I’m still able to use commands like “kill, revive, shutdown” without having to log in.

Let me test a bit more before I say the above for certain.

Seems the security fix isn’t working for me. Refer to first statement. I used your full patch just to be sure. Can ~kill without logging in, among other things. Guess my best option atm is just to disable those commands.

I also ran into a compile error with your full patch. line 269 of the patch file, Unit::GetName() needs to be Unit::GetName().c_str()

what rev you use cause i dont get this error at all.

IRCCmde.cpp:1330 → change “item_template” to “item”. This fixes a broken query when cmd “lookup item ######” is used.

also in IRCCmde.cpp:1392 → query sanitation issue. When using “lookup quest %name%” and searching for a quest with an apostrophe, the query breaks.

QueryResult result = WorldDatabase.PQuery("SELECT entry, Title FROM quest_template WHERE Title LIKE '%%%s%%' LIMIT 10", _PARAMS[1].c_str());

Update to work with a54244fb


isInCombat → IsInCombat
isAlive → IsAlive
isInFlight → IsInFlight


isGameMaster → IsGameMaster

(may be more, haven’t finished)

the casing has been changed again? what happened to standards?