[REQ] Using a custom configuration file

Is it possible to add a new configuration file? Such custom.conf ?

If someone can show us how, will be glad /emoticons/default_smile.png

Do you mean to have a second conf file, instead of just putting the new settings in the existing one? Of course it’s possible, as long as you know how to change the code to do it. I actually considered doing this for AHBot a while back, but, never completed it. Maybe once I finish moving and get everything set up where I can work on the code again, maybe I’ll work on this again, and do it in a way that it might be considered for inclusion in the core as part of the custom code stuff.

If you mean a conf file to replace the existing one, just use the “-c nameof.conf” parameter when starting the core.

Yes about having a second conf file /emoticons/default_smile.png If I found th way to do it, I will share a patch for that