[Request] Arena status

Hi TC community,i havent been around for a long time and when just i came here i see that TC started an 4x branch (Cheers!).

Anyway i got an issue that i cannot resolve.

Can anyone make an script that shows the current arena that are runned at the time.

(When someone write command .arena status to receive a list with the played arenas at the moment)

I hope anyone can do that /emoticons/default_smile.png


Check out https://github.com/Eā€¦orld.cpp#L3237

Might get you started.

Ty,already tried to explore the code.

Didnt find any usefull examples but i will check it again when got time /emoticons/default_smile.png

Link was broken, correct line is now linked.

Thanks, now i see what you mean /emoticons/default_smile.png Ty again.