[request] Auction House Bot for 335.52?

Hey there guys,

I’m searching for an AH-Bot solution for trinity core 335.52.
I googled until my fingers started bleeding, and the only thing I could find was this:
Sadly, the source has been removed from github.

Does anyone know where I can find recent sources for an AH bot?

thanks /emoticons/default_smile.png

The database version is irrelevant to AHBot compatibility, it’s the core that matters.

The page you linked says it is a TrinityCore from 2013.9.2 compatible with TDB 335.52 which means the AHBot that Aokromes keeps updated for us should work fine.

Anyway, why use a repack when you can just clone the repo, grab the “latest” db and updated AHBot and have fun?

That’s actually what I am trying to do, but I can’t find the updated AH bot for some reason.
So it seems like the bot is in the repo, right?
Branch name?
Besides, my current target Trinity was 2013/07/17

Okay, everything allright, found the patch with your information, Smite.
Thanks alot!
For everyone else, if you want the AH Bot patch, it’s here: