[Request] Custom achievements and Titles

I think that topic name is self-explanatory.

Is it possible to create core hooks and DB tables that would support custom achievements and titles and is there someone that knows how to do it (and willing to do it)?

I never tried to do it but I guess it’s not possible without modifying dbcs client side.

Well, I am curious if there could be a way without any client modifications.

To be honest, I didn’t do a search of the forums so I don’t know if anything similar was asked.

I have seen some questions and some answers on ACWeb and/or others and it mostly involved DBC editing, creating custom .mpq files and what not… And even in those cases, it was semi-successful.

As far as I know, you can’t do so without modifying DBC and making a custom .mpq. I’m sure there’s some sort of way you could integrate it server-side (like looking for where titles are defined and where they’re all listed), but I’m not sure they would work without modifying the DBC as well. Think of it as adding something like a custom item, NPC, or gameobject. You can script it into the server all you want, but you’d have to modify the DBC and create a custom patch so that you’d be able to view said thing client-side.

Works well, but only with DBC editing. This means it’s client mod and all players needs to have the mpq patch.

Thanks for all the answers.