[Request]Custom GM Ranks and Permissions

Hey Guys, HereticWoW Here!, So let me explain my issue.

For a while now I’ve been using trinity core, And then I stumbled onto the whole “New RBAC System” which seems pretty cool, But hard for me to wrap my head around /emoticons/default_happy.png.

I know with Trinity you can create Custom GM Levels ( Such as GM Level 1-10 ) And such Which is what im looking for.(All the Main Commands would be GM Level 10 or Something, Including .additem .learn all ect), I’d rather have more GM levels so i can have specific commands bound to certain people. Such as “Devs” “GMs” “Trial GMs” ect ect, Have it setup as a actual server with Ranks so its more Organized i guess.

Now i’ve realised there’s a few guides on here, But each time i look for the file and such that is mentioned and seem lost half way through,The main one is “Common.h”… I can’t seem to find it.

I’ve provided a Link HERE:

of what my commands list looks like in the database, Each time i change these to “1,2,or 3” it doesn’t work… Level 1 Has the Level 3 Commands, ect :/. Now I doubt i’ve got a Compiled core and such or up-to-date seen as Trinity is always updating /emoticons/default_tongue.png, But i am hoping to get a server up and running for players to enjoy seen as I can pay for the host, advertising, etc, I think i may as-well put the money to use on something I Enjoy(Meaning WoW /emoticons/default_tongue.png)

I’d appreciate the help if anybody would be able to help me with the issue or Simply Give us a hand via teamviewer or such then i’d really appreciate the help.

You guys might be thinking Im a nub and all /emoticons/default_tongue.png Which i entirely agree with, Although so far i have put a lot of time into the server with the current db i have /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Really hope someone could give us a hand.

FYI, Don’t Flame/Hate, I Came here for Help /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Much Appreciated.

Feel free to ask for skype / teamviewer


Yeah, Already downloaded that, Although i have no idea where to put it or anything like that, Or really what to do with it. I’ve Tried following the guides and placing it where it “Can be found” but seems it just disables all commands for all gm levels instead when i attempt it lol which clearly means im doing something wrong.


First thing you are doing wrong… change the permission values of command table.

If you create new security levels and want to have default set of permissions, use “rbac_default_permissions” table.

Configure your rbac_permission table with any new role you need to setup, then assign the permissions in rbac_linked_permissions and then add that new role (permission) to rbac_default_permissions.

Alright, So basically i’ve self compiled the server and updated it all fully, Added a 5th level called “HigherAdmin” which is GM Level 5, I Added “secID” as 5 and PermissionID to 775(Custom) and have added the commands to 775 in the “rbac_linked_permissions”, Although it doesn’t seem to give any commands in-game to the account set at gmlevel 5, Infact, it doesn’t even allow me to set the gmlevel to 5.

Did you also add the permission to your account in rbac_acount_permissions? You can also use the ingame command “rbac account grant 775” (don’t forget to include account id/name)