[REQUEST] Daily Time Limit

I’m basically looking for some code that let’s me give certain accounts a daily time limit. For example, I give a (young) user a half hour time limit, he gets on, plays, and about 5 minutes before end it gives him an on-screen notification that his time is up, another on screen message at one minute, then it kicks him off and won’t let him back on until tomorrow.

Of course, if he logs off 15 minutes in, it should let him come back to finish later.

So if someone could write up the C++ for it? And I assume we’d add three columns to the account SQL, one to say time limit on, one to say how long total, and one to say how much spent.

Then I suppose a midnight cron job to reset spent times to 0 for the new day.

So many views, not even a comment?

Are you asking someone to write code for a mod that you want?

Well, in fact, this feature is blizzlike /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Aye, the request is modeled after the Blizzard parental controls, however I was hoping for a quick return, so I trimmed it down to the one major feature I needed.

Well hopefully one of the volunteer developers on this project will be able to find time to do this for you.

That sounds good

i think easy way to manage this is to use rbac system…is small ideea

But you cannot really limit it by RBAC. That’s a downside of it. You could set it as role, but would still have to set stuff either in config, automatically for every account or similar. Kind of tricky.