Request: Defile on Lich King's Target

Just as the title of the topic says, I’d like to make the Lich King cast Defile on his target too (on some Cataclysm solos it works that way). Can someone post the changes in the Lich King’s “official” script needed to make this happen? I have a 3.3.5a compiled server.

EDIT: If possible, I’d be glad if someone could make the Lich King cast Shadow Trap on his target too. Thank you for any help!


Nevermind, done these modifications myself.

well, don’t bother sharing them, as, I’m fairly certain no one else will want them.

Defiles currently should already target tanks as well. As per the target selector in this ( code you are only safe when you’re being grabbed by a valkyr.

Without the modification of a line the Lich King didn’t cast Defile on his target… :V