[REQUEST] Disable arenas some hours.


As you may know… in small servers every time the teams pact the matchs so they can increase the arena rank in just some hours… but this is more frecuently when the server has very few ppl.

So… i want to know if somebody can create a script… for prevent join in arenas from 1am-7am for example.

This could help to prevent this type of abuse and increase the fair competition.


Get rid of any gear that requires a certain arena rating

This is not the solution i’m looking for… anyway thanks for your interest.

close down the ILLEGAL public server we don’t provide support for during those hours?

I understand, but that is most likely the root cause of the problem. You are not going to be able to write enough code to keep players from circumventing your rules as long as you give them incentive to break them.

You can use gameevent system to despawn arena queue mobs at the hours you like.

Is there any example game events that I can look for?

I want to give extra arena rating on saturday for 4 hours /emoticons/default_smile.png

Create a game_event entry for the time where arena should be available or shouldn’t be. Lookup the guids for the arena masters (Stormwind, Dalaran, Orgrimmar) and put them in game_event_creature table. Whether the guid is positive or negative defines whether the npc should be spawned (pos) or despawned (neg) when the event is active.



There are lots of examples already in TDB where this is happening.

SELECT * FROM game_event;