[Request]: High latency kick

Hello guys, I just want to know if anyone kind enough could create a script that kicks a player that has kept a high latency over the course of, lets say… 2 or 3 mins.

Player has 600 or higher ms for 2 or more mins → kick → broadcast message: “Player [name] has been kicked out, reason: Automatic high latency kicker”

Or something like that, thanks.


Description: Maximum overspeed ping count before character is disconnected.

Default: 2 - (Enabled, Minimum value)

3+ - (Enabled, More checks before kick)

0 - (Disabled)

MaxOverspeedPings = 2


Oh didn’t see that one hehe, though I don’t quite get how it works, I currently have it set to 2 (Default) but players are still able to run around with 600+ ms for like 10/15 mins before the actual disconnection, what would be a more fit value so the checks are a little more strict and disconnect them faster? thanks.