[Request] Separate CONF option - Corpse.Decay.Dungeon


Please add a multiplier (CONF option) to extend the decay time of dungeon mob corpses. This would be a multiplier applied after regular decay options.


After running some of the side quests in Deadmines (collect miner cards, kill Thistenettle), I realized that the 10 minute mob respawn timer simply isn’t enough when it comes to instances.

By the time I had completed both quests in that little area off the main path to Deadmines entrance, all the mobs I had killed to get there had respawned.

My current CONF option is 10 minutes for “looted” which works great for overland zones but in dungeons it simply isn’t enough.

I propose adding the following:


Description: Multiplier for Corpse.Decay.* to configure how long creature corpses stay

in dungeons. This delay is applied AFTER all other delays

Default: 1.5

Rate.Corpse.Decay.Dungeon = 1.5

So when calculating the decay, you would apply the dungeon multiplier last:

[ol][li]Check what type of mob it is to get the base decay[/li] [ul]Corpse.Decay.NORMAL
[li]Corpse.Decay.RARE[/li] [li]Corpse.Decay.ELITE[/li] [li]Corpse.Decay.RAREELITE[/li] [/ul]
[li]Determine if it is looted and apply the multiplier[/li] [ul]Rate.Corpse.Decay.Looted
[li]Determine if it is in a dungeon and apply the multiplier[/li] [ul]Rate.Corpse.Decay.Dungeon
Defaulting to 1.5 allows the dungeon mobs to decay at a slightly slower speed than overland mobs. Server admins can then tweak it in either direction as they see fit.

This is something that would go nicely with VASAutoBalance (wish that had been finished and added to the core).