[Request] Spell that converts INT to AGI/STR or vica versa

I’m looking for a custom script/DB patch that would convert INT to AGI. Kind of like “Killer Instinct” - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=108299 for a druid while in Resto/Balance and shapeshifted into bear/cat. This would be a great addition for the 3.5.3 or 4.3.4 Clients (not sure if anyone else was looking for this or even agrees)

Could this also be done for Paladin’s in Holy Spec (INT>STR) or Ret/Prot (STR>INT) in the same regard?

You guys are awesome and thanks ahead of time - even if it cannot be done!

if you would like to do it if specialization changes, just write like

if (Specialization == SelectedSpec)
Define new value;
Assign data to value;
Apply new data to player on spec change;

Im not going to give u complete solution, coz im dont know all predifined methods of TC, but here is the way how to do this