[Request] Update Wiki for master branch & Phase explanation


I’m here to ask to update TrinityCore wiki to fit master branch needs. Since some tables are outdated/valid only for 3.3.5a version

Also, I wanna ask a guide that explain how phasing works.

For example:
- Starting from a sniff, how can I know what phase is set for a creature (knowing that on vincent_beta branch of WoWPacketParser you have a string that says the phases where that npc is in)?
- How can we use conditions to set player phase?
- How is phase_area used?
and so on…

Also we must keep this guide updated on every change to phase system (I searched in the forums but they are all outdated)

The sniff part - it shows what phases YOU (the sniffing player) are in when seeing the npc (so naturally the npc must be in one of them, or in a group which contains it)

So if there is a PhaseGroup in those phase, the npc will have at 100% that phasegroup and phaseid = 0?