Requirements only on build server?

Trying to get back into messing with TC a bit more, and I’m planning to actually set up proper CI and keep things more separated between a build server and an application server. As part of that, I want to make sure I’m packaging what I need and nothing else for deployment. What do I need - or not need - installed on the application server, assuming that I’m moving over binaries from a build server?

For reference - for others doing this, I only needed to install [COLOR=rgb(36,41,46)]libboost-all-dev libmysqlclient-dev mysql-client to run TC on its own application server.

This can be considered solved.

Came late to the party and you appear to have found the solution :slight_smile:

I am actually running several diff servers (one specifically for a build), so that if anything is being built or upgraded it will only blow up one server and not affect the running world.

TIP: Remember to update your boost libraries (for Linux) when it calls for a specific version on the build box or core update. The mysql client libraries and boost must match exactly or you get a mismatch error.