Reset all RealmFirst! achievement

Hi all, how can i reset all RealmFirst achievements on the server so they are again obtainable?

Some realmfirst (lich king, malygos, algalon) do not give the realmfirst and i think due to imported characters with already that achievement.

Sorry for my eventual bad english.

Thanks a lot


Would be nice if you could let others know how you did it.

Just in case if there will be others with the same question.

How did you fix the problem ?

There are several options:

There is a check for the realm first achievement across the characters once the event happens.

[FONT=‘Courier New’]QueryResult result = CharacterDatabase.Query(“SELECT achievement FROM character_achievement GROUP BY achievement”);[/FONT]

The safest method is to delete that character. You may have to restart the server before a new player reaches level 80, first class, first kill, etc… after the rewards were stripped from the player. If it was a GM that received the achievement, then just delete it. If it’s a player, you will have to strip it from character_achievement, including character_achievement_progress.