Returning user... progress?

Hi all! I left the scene and closed my private server about 1 year ago. At the time 3.3.5 server was quite stable and feature full. But other expansions were still unusable. Sometimes I check github for some fixes, but I don’t have the entire picture.

how is going dev in Trinity land? Any consistent progress?

i would love to reopen my server now I have optical fiber at home, with 20x upload than before. Anyway my friends want to play Cataclysm at least.

Actually 4.3.4 is a great version to use I run my server also using 4.3.4, 3.3.5a and 7.3.2 but the funnest one for me is Cataclysm 4.3.4 and you can compile one yourself if that is what version you are wanting to run here is the link for that version.

How stable is the 4.3.4?

Iv’e been in the 335a private world for years. Now that I think of it, it’s quite depressing how much I have invested in it

Thanks, I’m tempted to try 4.3.4. Can you say it is stable?

Well it isn’t as stable as 3.3.5a but it is much better then 7.2.5 or even 7.3.2 and I have tested it’s up time and it is really good no problems with crashes or downtime so I am really happy with it right now, there was a logging out problem is disconnects for a while until I changed some things with the core authentication but things are running smooth.