run multiple serwers on one machine

[COLOR=rgb(29,33,41)]Hello, maybe someone know how run 2 realms on 1 serwer. 3.3.5a and 4[COLOR=rgb(29,33,41)].3.4. I do it like on some www say. 1. do 2 db (auth/1,char/1,world/1) 2. runing mysql nad aut and world serwers on 335 on 8085 and its ok i can login and play, now i open serwer 4.3.4 (auth and world serwers 8086 ) and whan lunch client can login but serwer is offline and i can see only serwer 3.3.5

Not my intention to be harsh but your post is definitely hard to read and unterstand … There is no active trinitycore 4.3.4 branch btw.

you have to separate both systems completely:

running both world servers and both auth servers on different ports (in total 4 ports) and use ip+port in your clients realm list to connect to the correct game.

as far as i know you cant run bnet auth based wow versons with the older once (like 3.x) on the same auth server (at least with default trinity code)

ok thx for info i try running on 4 ports

Life is hard :slight_smile: sry for my bad english