Run Speed Meta Stacking

Hello guys,

I’m been building a server on 3.3.5 and have implemented a number of custom scripts and core edits. I’m just having trouble with 1 thing… making meta stockets stack. At the moment, all meta sockets stack correctly. What I mean is… if you equip 5 x 10% stun metas, you’ll get 50% stun resist.

The only problem is, this is not working for Run speed. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this please? Just being able to stack run speed so each meta gem added makes the value of run speed go up?

Thank you

The problem probably lies with your implementation. In order for someone to thoroughly help you, I’d suggest posting your code that handles the meta-gem speed stacking.

There’s no custom code for this so far Sycantha. Well, what I HAVE done is remove gem requirements for meta’s. Which means they can use as many metas as they like. I’d just like to be able to stack the speed enchant on run speed metas.