Scale Spells/Skills

Hi I am having some problems with trinitycore. I cannot understand in c++ core where I can find the scale of spells and skill.

Example: warrior use enraged regeneration and this spell at lvl 15 gives 10hp per some seconds but on lvl 80 it give 10hp too and I know it should give more so I think it doesn’t scale with level. And i want to know from where it is problem to solve it not just to copy the last commit of trinitycore 3.3.5a


Is there even ability scaling ? As far as I assume, spell models are calculated by client.

I have the same problem.

What he means is that the spells does not scale with percentage of the hp, it only heals for a flat amount.

For example:

Enraged regeneration should heal for 3% hp per second, but it does instead heal for a flat amount of 3.

Cannibalize (undead racial) should heal for 7% hp per second, but it heals for a flat amount of 7.

Glyph of Evocation should heal for 15% per tick but only heals for a flat 15.

Second wind, Blood Craze, Fel Armor, etc have the same issue.

Basically, all the health regenerating spells does only heal for the flat amount instead of the percentage. So it can be fixed by multiplying the flat amount with 1% of the players health, but I am clueless how to fix this.

I can boost the spell in spell_bonus_data but that’s a cheap “fix” and it doesn’t make it scale properly to hp.