Script Development reference

So I was playing around with ICC scripts trying to see if I could improve something when it struck me :

I stopped playing WoW in 2009, but I’m still having fun with Trinity, if I want to help scripting some instances do you know where I can get blizzlike references for fights?

I mean, I have no idea how , for example, the gunship battle works on retail 3.3.5 , is there a website that describes the whole event? What happens when? So even if we don’t remember/did not play retail at 3.3.5 we can still develop scripts?

Thanks !

There are many films witth gunship battle.

You see who uses what abilities. Rest of informations u can get from sniff. But gunship isn’t boss that u can simply script

(only one bos wich isn’t implemented on trinity [becouse of transport?]).

Usually we get that information from sniffs