Segmentation fault (core dumped) 7.3.5 Legion

I seem to be getting this a lot, I have a verdant sphere in my bag which causes Segmentation fault on server every time I try to open it. Seems to happen when casting Warlock spells too. I’ve compiled the latest Master branch from Git on Ubuntu 18.04 with 4gb ram 2gb swap. Could it be low memory or something else? Seems odd that opening an item would crash the worldserver completely. The memory doesn’t appear maxed out, in the past as a developer I’ve seen segmentation faults caused by infinite loops somewhere.

4gb of ram + 2 gb of swap must be enough for legion. but there are some warlock spells known to crash the core.

After tweaking the data I noticed there were spikes mainly over time after using shadow bolt or drain life then crashing if nothing changed from that point on, and I tried updating this on the server making some changes, I am going to submit it for commit with my other updates when I am done.