I want to send a WorldPacket to show the opposite side a map position,but the sendpacket in worldsession send to all the client ,how can I do it if I dont want my teammenbers see my map position?For exp :in battlegroundWS,I want to see horde flag state but dont want to see alliance flag state(I’m Alliance) /emoticons/default_smile.png

If you can get the battleground object, try

void Battleground::SendPacketToTeam(uint32 TeamID, WorldPacket* packet, Player* sender = NULL, bool self = true);

yeah!I was just trying this ,thanks ,I will tell the result later~

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thank you!I succeed to show that ,but busy these days.I’m attending to make map show as what dota does,but still many hardships to be [COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]conquered.For exp:to show alive defence towers on map,to show alive npcs on map,to show players on map when meet opposite players.