Server Stuck, some problems i don't know how to explain...

I am using 2.4.3 Core

So i am getting the erros while some players are playing normal and server stucks … after it i get disconect, so when i try to login it stays on " CONNECTED "
and if i press cancel i will get a window to choose realm and i choose it again … but nothing same sh!t …

Those are the rashes →


And i copied them - > 

curtime 60495296 unsigned int
- this 0x10303d80 {m_loops=0 m_lastchange=0 w_loops=88026 ...} FreezeDetectorRunnable *
- ACE_Based::Runnable {m_refs={value_=2 } } ACE_Based::Runnable
- __vfptr 0x01d694d0 {blizzlike-core.exe!const FreezeDetectorRunnable::`vftable'} {0x01061af5 {blizzlike-core.exe!FreezeDetectorRunnable::`vector deleting destructor'(unsigned int)}, ...} void * *
[0] 0x01061af5 {blizzlike-core.exe!FreezeDetectorRunnable::`vector deleting destructor'(unsigned int)} void *
[1] 0x010616ea {blizzlike-core.exe!FreezeDetectorRunnable::run(void)} void *
- m_refs {value_=2 } ACE_Atomic_Op<ACE_Thread_Mutex,long>
value_ 2 volatile long
m_loops 0 unsigned int
m_lastchange 0 unsigned int
w_loops 88026 unsigned int
w_lastchange 60480062 unsigned int
_delaytime 15000 unsigned int

it show me an arrow and i get this code ->

Threading.cpp ->

OS_Thread_Adapter.cpp - >

Base_Thread_Adapter.cpp ->

I Have really no idea, if anyone of you can help me ?

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