Set up second independent realm


I recently got a 3.3.5 server running on Mac OS.

I would like to set up a second, independent realm now (selectable via realmlist menu inside WoW).

What are the necessary steps to achieve it? I cannot simply copy everything, because the worldserver after copying, still refers to the same worldserver.conf.

I searched the forums and couldn’t find something helpful therefore I would appreciate a bit more detailed answer, as it might be useful for other user later aswell.

Thanks in advance !

I solved it on my own - if someone is interested in the answer, here is my way of doing it:

-Multiple realm creation-

[ul][li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Re-run the CMake configuration step and change INSTALL_PREFIX to a destination of your choice. The directory specified there, will be the ‘home’-directory of the new realm.[/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Make sure to add -DTOOLS=1 to the configuration again, as you need to start an own worldserver for each realm[/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Run ‘xcodebuild -target install -config Release’ in terminal[/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Create own world_ and characters_ database via MySQL (I modified the provided create_database.sql file) and import the .sql files, like when setting up the first realm (download TDB for world database and use .sql from ‘base’-folder for characters database)[/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Add your new realm in the auth database inside the realmlist table[/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Go to the ‘etc’ folder of your new realm and customize the worldserver.conf fitting to your new realm → realmID must be set, database logon information, port (must differ from other realms), data directory (maps etc.), […][/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]You can delete the authserver.conf, if you want to use the authserver from your first realm. Only one authserver must run for all realms to handle authentication.[/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Start up worldserver in each ‘bin’ folder of your realms[/li]
[li][FONT=Symbol]·[SIZE=7pt] [/FONT][/SIZE]Start up authserver in the ‘bin’ folder of the realm of your choice (where you have configured authserver.conf correctly)[/li]