Share Quest doesn't work. 3.3.5 WOTLK

We’ve got Player A located in Durotar and Player B located in Orgrimmar (Or any other area or player race)

[ol][li]Player A tries to share quest and Player B gets Accept / Decline buttons but nothing happens when pressing them[/li]
[li]Player A tries to share quest and Player B gets nothing up…[/li]
[li]After Player A tries to share quest(and Player B got issue 1 or 2), Player B can no longer get any shareable quest until he relogs. And for Player A it will write in chat that Player B is busy.[/li]
I have tried sharing quest as admin to admin, and normal to normal and admin to normal user, nothing.

I have looked everywhere for a fix for this but can’t find any. There are some old fixes wich i have read though to try n fix the issue my self but no luck there…

I have the newest 3.3.5 trinitycore rev wich was updated not long ago.


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