Should Trinitycore Have A Gui?

First of all sorry for punctuation grammar mistakes because im using my iphone to write this and its annoying.

Trinitycore has gone a long way regarding emulation and the main reason this project was forked from mangos is for the developers wanting to go somewhere else with it, and not be strictly managed and wanting to expand and have an experimental branch of the project to test things that mangos would not.

But you guys still stick with the most absolute basic of structure which is that the emulation project does not contain a GUI interface.

Now i realize that this might be refused, but i would just like to know that can you guys think at least about this.

If Trinitycore did contain a GUI interface, would it require the compilers to install 3rd party component? If not then whats the harm of adding a GUI to trinity?

We cant run a gui from a console, and 90% of people who have trinity on his own server (for play alone xdd) that doesn’t support any gui. You can make an external program that can acces to it (SOAP), on php if you like for example.

Has Ciclop said… Many of us run Trinity on linux command line boxes… GUI’s doesn’t work on command line.

That only makes sense on graphical interfaces. Has many of us knows… graphical interfaces are resource consuming, resources that can be necessary for core to run.

There are many reasons for not having a GUI. Those are only some of them.

I voted NO, because I don’t see any real benefit from having a GUI actually, and because I run TC in a virtualized server I have in home, and no X is installed there.

To pull in so much dependencies just to have a GUI for a “server” which is TC is irrelevant and of course to keep this GUI portable is a lot of effort that can be used in improving / finishing migration to SAI for example.

Just my opinion /emoticons/default_smile.png

If in any case they implement a GUI and aims to be portable, everybody should install a 3rd party components for graphic system (QT, gtk, etc…that for example in case of Linux, will pull TONS of dependencies with it).

I would say make it available, but a separate project. That way those who want it could have it, but those who cannot use it or don’t want it don’t have to deal with any issues.

I think the coders have already much work to mess with. There’s no point on waisting human resources on this when there are some GUI’s already out there… (TrinityAdmin, etc…)

I run the code in a Linux console, but for testing reasons I have a second installation in Windows. I don’t find any point in adding a GUI, to either installation.

What exactly do you have in mind to do, that the GUI would do better than the console?

i cannot think of 1 feature that i would need a GUI for, so it mainly sits and eats recourses taht you can spend way better

I’m fine with the command line. I imagine a graphical interface would only require more resources and system components. I voted for the Hitler option anyway.

A GUI supporting few basic functions of the game/core enabling easier access and use - YES, as OPTIONAL tool

A complete GUI for Trinity - NO, and not possible anyway.

A GUI for Linux is useless as said… But I do like to see live statistics in some way.

But I don’t want to go all the way to some damn website for this.

What I would like is a small client you could run on your own home computer which would; say once a minute, request the server for some general info such as

last hours medium cpu usage, memmory usage, players online… those kind of things. Maybe a CPU graph?

It should be like one of them gadgets in windows. (Oh and a restart button!! Takes too long to login to the server and type .server restart /emoticons/default_tongue.png)

I realise this isn’t the stuff devs should do tho. It should be made by users…

I will probably be too lazy to finish this (making other stuff atm), but I’ll try sometime I guess.

You can make a PHP that generate xml stuff. Then use a windows gadjet to retreive that info. It’s not that hard… /emoticons/default_wink.png

edit: as for the restart, it’s more harder to do.

Why should it be hard to do a restart command? We allready have implementations for soap and ra so this gonna be also not that hard.

True… didn’t thinked on soap. When i answered i was thinking on restarting the server itself. /emoticons/default_biggrin.png