Side effects of resetting world db


when I first installed trinitycore, I used the contrib/ script to install the world db updates. Now, when I use the auto updater, it doesn’t know they are already applied, so tries to reapply them and obviously fails. I considered creating a script to insert the already applied patches and their hashes into the updates table, but I’m uncertain if that would be enough, or might break things. Also, can I just use the current time for the column timestamp or do they have to be backdated? Can I just use “Released” for column state, and 0 for speed?

I guess the simplest solution would be to just drop the world database, install the latest TDB release and then just let the auto updater do its job. But would that have side effects on other parts of the game server and is it safe to do so?

I have a second question about the database: I run a cronjob once a night to make an sqldump of all databases. If dropping the world db and reapplying had no side effects, maybe I could skip it when creating the backup, but I’d like to be sure, before I do that. So is it?

Thanks in advance.

world database only stores static content, unless you have modified it you can safely drop it and allow core to install and update it.

Thank you very much for your reply. That simplified things a lot for me.