Simple Gossip NPC?

Hey guys, have sort of an RP server in mind. Long story short, all the mobs, and all the players will be level 80. I’ve gotten this done, but I need a gossip NPC that makes players level 80 on request, and then modifies their stats (like int, agi, str, sta, etc) according to talents per class. Could somebody help me out with this? I’d appreciate it a lot.

why didn’t you change your worlderser.conf?

and by the way, i thought that trinity doesn’t support private servers, right?

pls correct me if i’m not right with my answer

ps: srry for my bad english /emoticons/default_wink.png

and by the way, i thought that trinity doesn’t support private servers, right?

Nah, I’m making a retail server.

If you change the worldserver.conf to do this then you won’t give players the choice of playing through normally or fast tracking to 80. If Fidena wants the player to have that choice it would defeat the purpose.

Personally, unless you’re dead set on this being through an NPC you might look into whether or not it’s possible to do it with an item too. If you can do it through items then you could do things like set up a BoA item purchasable at level 80 that’ll let you level your alts to 80 instantly. It might be annoying for more experienced players to have to go through to 80 yet again, but it’ll let them bump all future alts as they desire and prevent new players from skipping most of the game. Hell, for that matter as a last ditch effort you should probably be able to create a custom quest that has no completion requirement and can be turned in for enough experience to automatically hit 80.

He said all the mobs would be level 80, so, I’m guessing you wouldn’t get very far if you are not level 80… and, the option to start at level 80 is already in the conf file, so, he is attempting to complicate things way too much.

I’m a little embarrassed to ask this, but where do I find the conf file?

Edit: nevermind, derp.