Skadi the ruthless

Hi everyone.

I decided to rewrite the skadi-script and now i want to share/present my result.

It would be great, if someone can take a look on it and tell me if i did something wrong. I’m still learning.

I have tested the script, it works so far.

Only Skadi stucks sometimes, for a few seconds, if he dismount from grauf.

Maybe someone can complete the script with sniffs for graufs waypoints etc.

Sorry for my bad english.


Nice, Skadi has needed attention for quite some time now.

Could you use spelldifficulty_dbc instead of


and remove the heroic versions of the spells from the script?

The script for Grauf should be named npc_grauf according TC-standards.

And apply the changes caused by

Nice work!

How is it working anyone tested it?