SmartAI Quest scripting help

Greetings humanoids, I’m attempting to create an Escort quest scripted entirely on SmartAI, so far everything is going smooth npc starts to move thru the waypoints and reaches the end but as I checked the SAI wiki there appears to be no SMART_ACTION that completes quests (There’s only QUEST_FAIL and QUEST_ADD), so, is there a way to trigger a quest complete on SmartAI or are escort quests stricily limited to c++?

Thanks in advance :3



I think these should suit your needs.

In other words. Make the quest require an external event (see quest_template) or a npc (escortee?) to be killed and satisfy that requirement on last point.

Clever move with those two, I see what has to be done with those, thanks /emoticons/default_biggrin.png