SmartAI -> Trigger another npc's events ?

hey, i just want to know how can i trigger another npc’s event in smartai

for now i been using FIRST npc spell hit SECOND NPC , SECOND NPC uses onspell hit trigger to start his path. but this method is stupid.

please tell me how can i trigger the event of another npc

You can set and reset data. You can see this in action in a few of the completed SAI Scripts.

how to set and reset ? what do you mean exactly ? which event to use ? what to do ?

Look at this:

I used action 45 to set data 0 with value one on another npc. That npc’s SAI had an event if Data 0 = 1 then run script. Thus I activated SAI on one npc from another.

understood, many thanks.


action 45 on NPC1 To with param1 = 0(id) and param2 =1(value)

and use

event_type = 38 on NPC2 with event_param1 = 0(id) and event_param2 = 1(value) to trigger the event.