SmartAI, Why is it still incomplete?

A lot of things are missing from smartAI, is rat accepting suggestions or is he working on it or the project is put on hold?

Rat is MIA /emoticons/default_smile.png

Define alot of things. We have several core devs helping out with programming in SAI, so if you have several suggestions, this would be a good time to voice them. Creature, actionlist and gameobject handling is great atm (except some problems with vehicles, but thats not SAI problem) as is the gossip part. If you’re referring to the missing source types, you’re gonna have to wait for Rat to be found /emoticons/default_tongue.png (or maybe another core dev will take the SAI coding) /emoticons/default_cool.png

Then please make a thread so we can place our suggestions inside it. to make sure it does not go unseen.

That’s called the issues tracker.