Sniff on pre WOD dungeons and raids

Latelly in retail, I usually solo do the past dungeons and raids in looking to mounts, every week.

I am offering that, with little guidance, any dev can tell me what to use, the format you need and what dungeon/raid you want me to sniff, so I can start providing latest sniffs on those things.

Just give me little guidance and ask for what you need mainly, and you will have it!

As a way to try to contribute.

Get running and play like you did before. After that upload the .pkts somewhere and put them in

I don’t think there’s anything specific that we need right now so anything that you can get will be useful.

​Ok Nay, will do on Wednesday (as of the saves hehe). Just another thing, anything specific I should do? Like not killing the mobs too fast for example? Or specify if the mode is heroic or normal?

If there’s mini-events, let them finish (i.e don’t rush killing the npcs or so);

if you see a talkeable npc, talk with it (for gossips);

Explore the whole area

Subv wrote a “mini-guide” but it’s in Spanish…

​Perfect, I’m spanish hehe /emoticons/default_smile.png

Hmm… another question more and go! How can I set (install) enUS locale? I don’t seem to find any way to install it, I only have esES locale installed. Does enGB also serves to the purpose? As I’ve read that some locales are also bound to a region

You can change language in