Hi there

Little back-story:

In order to improve one of the AI boss scripts, I have been working a lot with sniffs lately. After numerous hours wasted because the only tool available to go through hundreds of thousands of packets and literally millions of lines was Ctrl-F, I realized that this whole mining for data process could be greatly improved with the right tool. The text files produced by WPP are a great source of data but this data is basically surrounded by trash information. A software that would filter the shown packets based on the user criterias in real time would be ideal. Such tool would be able to, for example, only show the packets where this one particular mob (identified either by GUID or creature entry) is the source of any spell. Or show every movement packet of every creature between time X and time Y. Or, etc… The possibilities are endless. Such tool will offer a highly modular way to make searches, in retail time, easily. Sounds pretty cool right? : )

Well about a week ago, I started to work on such software and I called it SniffExplorer. It’s not functional yet however most of the ground work is done and it looks pretty solid imo. The source code is here: It’s written in Java. I’m documenting the project as much as I can (see the Analysis folder) and I’m gladly taking code contributions. So don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question and/or if you are interested in contributing.

TL/DR: I’m writing a software to filter dynamically the data shown in sniffs and therefore more efficiently use them. As of today (23/09/15), it’s not functional yet. It’s written in Java and I’m gladly welcoming contributors.