Sniffing loot from WowHead

Hello, guys i have a question.

Is there any way to sniff the loot data from online databases like wowhead?

Please explain how you guys insert all that tons of loot. I doubt that you insert every single item by hand.

Sorry if that is not the right forum section for that question.

Loot should be done by hand. Wowhead is a terrible source (but there’s no better one).

P.S What you want is called scrapping websites, not sniffing.

I think it will be easy to make extractor, that extracts loot from wowhead. Why there isn’t one?

There is one but it should NOT be used.

Ok, i understand, but for example sha of anger has 133 items loot. How can a person add manually so much items?

Manually 133 items is ok, but look for complete cata/panda/Draenor there are over 10000 new items, the parser is an nice idea

It’s not that bad once you learn how to do loot properly. Use the reference templates.

Nex4T, It takes more work to do things properly… In all things.